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Since 2007, Eiss Massillon has been representing both employers and employees in all legal matters pertaining to employment law, including pre-litigation prevention efforts and all phases of litigation..

Representing Employers

Over the years, the firm has represented both small and medium­ sized businesses in all facets of employment law. We specialize indefending lawsuits, reviewing company policy in the practices of payroll, contracts, and other documents, creating legally consistent handbooks and preventing legal issues in the workplace. We always apply a strong legal framework and exceptional judgment to assist our clients and their businesses.

Further, in support of our corporate clients, the firm is able to handle other legal needs in the corporate realm. Whether the task is contract creation and evaluation, business and commercial litigation, or simply lending assistance in the realm of employment law, we always strive to provide exceptional services with a high level of legal acumen.

Representing Employees

In addition to representing employers in legal matters, the firm also handles all legal aspects as they pertain to individual employees.

When an employee believes his/her employer has disregarded their lawful obligations, we carefully evaluate the case, and if it has merit, we are able to discern the appropriate legal path to possible damages and remuneration. Our experience in counseling businesses on employment law has given us unique insight to support and maintain employees’ rights and entitlements.

Whatever the employment law need, Eiss Massillon represents both employers and employees – “just not on the same case”.

Representing Employers and Employees

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